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Fit is fashionable. Health-awareness is now. Throw a stick and you’ll hit a gym or weight loss center. Turn on the radio, you’ll hear an ad for a wonder diet or miracle pill. Turn on the television, you’ll spot a familiar face touting some name-brand diet program. The point? It’s easy to get lost in the weeds. It’s hard to find what works for you – just you. That’s where Datta Health and Wellness Center comes in.

Datta Health and Wellness Center of Hagerstown, Maryland treats each individual as – well, an individual. They understand that every person is different with a different path to successful weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. As an Ideal Protein clinic, they develop personalized plans for each person’s optimum outcome. Datta Health and Wellness Center combines evidence-based solutions with education, nutrition coaching, and continuing support in order to provide lasting lifestyle changes that not only help their clients lose weight, but improve their whole well-being. People with Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, Liver Disease, PCOS, and other health issues can experience real benefits and positive change with the Ideal Protein Protocol. And with the Datta Health and Wellness Center, clients not only get something that works, they get qualified care, support group resources, cooking classes and recipes, and an on-staff physician, among other pluses. Their goal is to “educate, inspire, empower, and transform,” and the results are real.

When the Datta Health and Wellness Center needed a new website, Ironistic was more than willing and able to help. We’d worked with other Ideal Protein clinics and knew the business well. On top of that, we knew how to address the issues they had with their old site: bad navigation and link structure, difficulty updating, an outdated design, minimal content, and poor SEO and responsiveness. We redesigned and rebuilt their website on a WordPress platform, making it fresh, modern, inviting, and user-friendly. Navigation is easy, and pages and content are built out to enhance SEO and provide essential information in an easily-accessible way to site visitors. Branding and messaging are clear and call-to-actions are integrated throughout. When the Datta Health and Wellness Center needs to update information or add events and resources, like their latest blog or recipe, they can do it easily and efficiently through their WordPress CMS. People can also sign up for support groups and workshops, and since the site is now responsive, users can access it from any device.

Ironistic’s goal? To make certain that the Datta Health and Wellness Center had a functional website for now and the future because their success means the success of so many others in their health and wellness journey. Does your site need a partner that truly cares about your business and your goals? Check out Ironistic today.

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