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In 2015, the federal government passed the Every Students Succeeds Act (ESSA), a law designed to place more autonomy and accountability in the states’ hands. The hope was that with less federal oversight, states would initiate more creative thinking and develop actionable, effective plans for improving education. Enter Check State Plans.

Check State Plans is the brainchild of the Collaborative for Student Success and Bellwether Education Partners. Together, they commissioned independent peer reviews of every state’s plan, plans that affect millions of teacher and students and thousands of school districts across the US. They then curated their findings, focusing on key categories of importance (like academic progress, standards and assessments, and identifying schools) and sought to present their reports online. That’s where Ironistic came in.

Check State Plans needed a website to showcase their project’s results. They needed a platform that was easy to understand and navigate, a platform that would engage and educate the user, a platform that, at the end of the day, would advance their goal of promoting and encouraging education improvements across the nation. With a clear mission and benchmark in mind, Ironistic went to work.

We focused on creating a clean, polished, and well-executed site that is thorough on content without being confusing or overwhelming. That meant being design-smart, developing a site that’s intuitive, that leads users seamlessly from point A to point B, and presents data in a simple and inviting way. Sharp infographics and strategic call-to-actions are part of this solution: people can sign up for updates, follow Check State Plans on social media, and easily find areas of interest (like learning more about the peer reviewers). Categories are sorted and augmented so users can find data based on specific elements, rather than state by state. Site visitors searching by state, however, get a cool feature—we included a rail of tabs that highlights available data for their selected state, plus call-to-actions should they wish to view the state’s plan or learn how the reports were assessed.

For a site as info-rich as Check State Plans, having a website that is attractive and streamlined as well as effective is an absolute must. Engaging the user is essential in order to inform and, even better, move to action. No short cuts here. Ironistic uses technology and creativity in a unified solution that, quite simply, delivers.

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