Cambridge International Systems, Inc.

In our global, intersected world, security is a resource and commodity of great value. It is also multi-faceted, requiring intelligence, insight, flexibility and innovation. Luckily, there are companies like Cambridge International Systems that match all those qualities and successfully meet challenges head on. Cambridge delivers worldwide support for government and civilian security interests, from law enforcement and aviation, to intelligence and foreign affairs. And they are prolific. For more than 20 years, they’ve been an asset to the US and our allies in the realms of border security, banking and threat finance, medical and health security, cybersecurity, modernizing air fleets and law enforcement systems, combating narcoterrorism, threat detection and analysis, and illicit trafficking—to name a few. How are they able to do all this? By cultivating a highly-talented, proficient and experienced team that operates on over six continents, is 60% fluent in two languages or more, and, of course, continually delivers effective results for every single strategic solution Cambridge develops.

The one piece missing in their awesome presentation of a company? A true-to-life, representative, quality website. While Cambridge works on modern problems with modern solutions, their old website was hopelessly outdated, hard to manage, and did not represent their astounding growth, global position and skill. For this, they turned to Ironistic.

In Ironistic’s revamp of Cambridge’s website, we had a few major priorities. First was updating the design so that it was free of dark, heavy elements and looked more professional, clean and balanced in images, content, and space. We also implemented user-friendly, integrated navigation so that visitors could easily grasp quick insights into Cambridge while adding dynamic visual appeal and call-to-actions to encourage further engagement and discovery. We also made sure that personalized images were used, not generic stock images, in order to present a clearer, accurate portrait of who Cambridge is as an organization, what they do and how far they go. Next, we made sure the site was developed for increased operational efficiency, including a mobile-friendly, responsive design. Since Cambridge operates all over the globe, it was important that their employees have a central hub to house the resources needed for closing contracts and assisting clientele. Finally, we made sure that the site, in total, reflected Cambridge’s growth, their updated brand and the full reach of their services in order to impress new clients and attract new talent. All this, and we gave them a dynamic WordPress CMS so they can easily update the site at will.

You know, there’s a reason why Cambridge International Systems earns high praise for their “exceptional service” and “positive impact.” Quite simply, they deliver. So does Ironistic. Hey, if a high-powered organization like Cambridge trusts Ironistic as its web development partner, then we just might be a perfect fit for you too. Get to know us better, and discover a solution that’s made just for you.

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