Barbara Doherty Consulting

“I’m ecstatic!  I love it!  The site is SO much better than I ever imagined.  And, a special Kudos to Nick; he is wonderful.  He was always so very helpful and patient with me, and guided me every step of the way.  My sincere thanks to you, Nick and your team for providing me with a fabulous website.  Your company, Ironistic, is exemplary, and should be used as a model for other small businesses.  I plan to incorporate what I’ve learned from Ironistic into my Brand – talent, superior products, and excellent customer service!”

Barbara Doherty

Barbara Doherty Consulting


When you are looking to improve your diet and health, there are nutritionists, and then there are nutritionists.  Barbara Dohery is the latter.  As a registered nurse and a health care clinician with a Masters degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition Science, Barbara has forgotten more about nutrition than most of us will ever learn in a lifetime.

Barbara, however, was struggling with an online presence to match her expertise and service offerings.  Enter Ironistic.

The Ironistic team worked closely with Barbara to customize a WordPress theme that not only highlighted her services and expertise but that also visually and contextually encouraged visitors to explore healthy recipes, attend her nutrition events, and contact her for personalized counseling.

Not sure if you should hire a health and nutrition expert?  Check out Barbara’s testimonials page.  Not sure about hiring a web development and marketing company?  Check out the Ironistic testimonials page!

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