Alliance to End Hunger

“Thanks so much to you and your team for your hard work – we love the new site and really appreciate how well you all understood what we needed and wanted throughout the process.”

Rebecca Middleton

Alliance to End Hunger

Chief Operating Officer

Hmmm, do I get a scone to go with my mocha frappuccino or should I get a breakfast quiche?  First world problems, right?  Actually, right here in the United States, 20% of our kids live in a food insecure household, and that number only increases around the world.  When the Alliance to End Hunger approached Ironistic for a new website, we jumped at the chance to help out.  The Alliance is a coalition of members that, literally, seek to end hunger.

Not an easy task!

Of course, a strong website is crucial to the success of their efforts, and Ironistic worked with the great team at the Alliance to design and build a website to

  1. Better communicate the goals and mission of the Alliance
  2. Increase online donations to their cause
  3. Improve membership outreach efforts and actively recruit new members
  4. Foster collaboration among existing members
  5. Generate awareness and engagement surrounding this important issue

Ironistic worked with the Alliance staff to create a full strategy for the website and then custom design and build a strong presence on a WordPress platform.  The new website includes a plethora of tools to educate and engage visitors from around the world, including online donations, social media integration, news and blog capabilities, event calendars, membership directories, and much more.

Head on over to http://www.alliancetoendhunger.org/ and see how YOU can get involved in the fight to end hunger!

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