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On top of the hosting and maintenance services that we provide Target Distributing for their website, Ironistic has been partnering with their technology marketing team as one of our earliest clients. Our teamwork has resulted in a huge amount of measurable growth to Target Distributing’s digital footprint through social media and content marketing.

Meet the Client

Helping dealers and resellers find the right AV equipment

Target Distributing was founded in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. in 1975 to provide a wholesale source for the products that interconnects, installers and value-added resellers needed. Offering a wide range of wholesale telecom, datacom, conference systems, AV wholesale and security systems, Target Distributing can help dealers and resellers find the perfect product to suit their customer’s needs. As word spread about the depth of Target’s product selection, quality of customer service and low wholesale pricing, the company began to grow in leaps and bounds to become one of the nation’s largest Converged Products’ distributors.

Their Objective

Maintain website usability and generate more sales

Target Distributing came to us with the following goals:

  • Make the website user-friendly for customers and technology resellers
  • Market their company as a leader in technology products
  • Generate more website traffic
  • Attract more technology resellers
  • Increase conversion ratio for sales
  • Maintain a consistent social media and content marketing strategy
technology marketing
social media and content marketing

Ironistic Solution

Maintain website updates and create a social media and content marketing strategy

Ironistic’s web development team has maintained website usability and updates for Target Distributing. Our team created a digital catalog for their products which is updated frequently. Their web pages have been optimized for SEO to generate more traffic from Google search results. 

In our technology marketing efforts, our team has targeted two audiences: product wholesalers and technology resellers. With this in mind, our team has collectively created a social media and content marketing strategy to best reach the intended audiences and drive sales. This is done by publishing consistent SEO-focused blog posts and social media posts to inform and educate technology consumers. 

Target Distributing has maintained a steady increase in online sales and new technology resellers through our combined marketing efforts and website maintenance which complement our client’s excellent service and products.

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