Loudoun County Volunteer Rescue Squad

Government Impact

The Loudoun County Volunteer Rescue Squad aimed to level up its digital presence, placing special emphasis on boosting volunteer recruitment, enhancing internal communication, and attracting generous donations for the organization. With a wealth of experience in supporting associations, non-profits, and public agencies, Ironistic was the perfect agency for the task.

Meet the Client

The first rescue squad in Loudoun County

In 1952, a group of dedicated community members founded the first rescue squad in Loudoun County with a powerful commitment to serving others. They live by a simple yet profound motto: “When you need us… We are there.”

The Loudoun County Volunteer Rescue Squad (LCVRS) proudly serves as the frontline responders to 9-1-1 calls in the area. Throughout its impressive seven-decade history, LCVRS has played a pivotal role in shaping and advancing the emergency medical system in Loudoun County, saving countless lives along the way.

Today, LCVRS supports a vibrant community of over 51,000 individuals. With unwavering dedication, they answer more than 4,000 emergency calls, volunteering nearly 15,000 hours of their time to provide exceptional service to those in need.

Their Objective

Recruit and inform volunteers

The previous Loudoun County Volunteer Rescue Squad site failed to engage and attract volunteers and supporters effectively. A redesign was crucial to enhance the site’s appearance, address functionality issues, introduce new content and capabilities, and significantly enhance the user experience (UX) and overall engagement.

Considering two key audiences – the general public and squad volunteers – the website aimed to:

  • Deliver comprehensive information about LCVRS in an engaging manner
  • Encourage and facilitate donations effectively
  • Drive volunteer recruitment for the squad
  • Provide valuable information and resources for members and staff.

Ironistic Solution

Elevation through polished, effective visual presentation

Our redesign not only elevated the LCVRS program but also transformed it into an engaging experience. We crafted a visually stunning presentation with captivating images, intuitive navigation, and compelling call-to-actions (CTAs).

We introduced an array of new features, including a dynamic news and announcements section, a user-friendly calendar, membership forms, and a streamlined staff scheduling application. Moreover, we prioritized accessibility by ensuring ADA compliance and implemented a mobile-responsive design for optimal usability across all devices. Integrations with various payment options for donations were also seamlessly incorporated.

To enhance both internal and external communications, we created a comprehensive resource center for easy access to documents, a dedicated staff information section, and external links for applications and committee forums. The WordPress content management system (CMS) empowers the LCVRS to effortlessly add, edit, and manage all types of content throughout their website.

Ironistic’s commitment to the LCVRS doesn’t stop at redesign; we also provide secure hosting and ongoing maintenance services for their site. We take pride in offering a worry-free digital experience. As technology advances, they can rest assured that we are there, working diligently behind the scenes to keep their site updated, secure, and running smoothly. With our comprehensive services, they can focus on what truly matters – serving their community. 

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