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If bouncing in and out of virtual meetings is giving you a serious case of Zoom fatigue — we don’t blame you. video conferencing platform

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The current platforms available that allow businesses and associations to collaborate may work for the time being — but really aren’t geared towards large groups that want to increase productivity. If your organization is stuck on how to work together virtually without “too many cooks in the kitchen”, then it’s probably time to make the switch to our new favorite platform, Gather.Town.

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Ironistic is pleased to partner with Gather.Town to offer our clients an intuitive video conferencing platform that allows you to build and customize your own world. As a proximity-based video chat, attendees can create their own characters and incorporate audio and video based on where they “roam” to. Whether that means gathering in your world’s auditorium for a company-wide seminar or hitting the bar for a one-on-one with a colleague, interaction on Gather.Town is as real-life as it gets.

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Platform Features

Platform Features

  • Proximity-based video/audio interaction
  • Screen sharing
  • Private spaces
  • Customized maps and virtual environments
  • Local and global chat options
  • Locate features
  • Interactive games to play with other participants
  • Shareable whiteboards for collaboration
  • Interactive elements such as videos, bulletin boards, and documents
  • Lecture hall capabilities
  • Exhibit hall capabilities
  • Customizable characters
  • Ghost mode
  • And you can even do a little dance in your meetings

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Create Your Own World in Gather.Town

Create Your Own World in Gather.Town

As previously mentioned, Gather.Town offers collaborative settings within a pre-made map like an auditorium and a bar for characters to link up. But you can also customize your own space! That means you can go virtual with your annual meetings, host monthly workshops, or even set up shop in a booth at an upcoming conference — with the intuitive visuals to clearly distinguish between all three.

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