Google+ Works for Us

As we ramp up the Ironistic Google+ profile, we thought we would encourage everyone else to do the same.  (Credit/Apologies to Dr. Seuss!)


Ironistic Google+

You needn’t be scared.
We went with Google,
And look how we’ve fared!

You have AdWords for leads.
You have Authorship too.
You can form Circles
With whomever you choose.
You’re on your way.  Make your presence known.
You can’t afford… to postpone.

Update your calendar.  Link to circles and share.
Add a Hangout for video, if you so dare.
With the options abound, and a great deal of tools,
Google + adds value, without any rules.

With cloud infrastructure,
Work from anywhere.
Always up-to-date,
Google’s ready to share.

There’s Gmail of course.
Now, who wouldn’t endorse?

Online, things can happen
And frequently do.
When using Google Docs
You’re more powerful too.

With a Google + approach,
Being holistic,
Is pure common sense,
Now at Ironistic.

The places we’ll go!


And now to relive your own childhood…

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There are currenty one response.

Chris Foss
September 27, 2013

Unexpected post
Strangely appropriate though
Haiku wiz I’m not


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