Digital Strategy

What are you trying to achieve on the Web?

No, seriously, stop and think about that question. It’s not as easy to answer as you first think. You have a number of different target audiences, and you want them to a variety of different things. Are you tracking those conversions? Have you even identified the conversion goals?

Our strategists have worked with websites of all sizes and across nearly every industry, and we know how to build successful websites. The key to our success is outlining a strong business strategy prior to development. We seek to understand your overall business and then outline your online goals as part of your online strategy. In addition, we establish benchmarks to ensure that we continue to address those goals and continue to evolve your online strategy accordingly.

Online website strategy

Our online strategy work includes:

  • Website and Online StrategyLeadership sessions to fully define the executive vision for the online efforts and how it effects the overall organization.
  • Analysis of current user behavior patterns
  • Development of information architecture and strategy
  • Development of online marketing and communication plans
  • Research of integration requirements
  • Understanding of internal management capabilities and requirements
  • Hosting and security requirements

And to be completely honest: the strategy is our favorite part of the business. We thrive on brainstorming with clients and really pushing to define how we can collectively find success through our online efforts.

Call us up today, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly we shift into strategy mode. And you’ll have fun doing it!