Website Redesign Best Practices

website redesignIf you spend a couple of minutes Googling the average period a company should spend between website redesigns, you will probably come to the conclusion that three years is a highly recommended time frame. Like a yearly physical with your primary care doctor, it is important to check in on your site’s health and make changes where necessary. On the other hand, there are plenty of reasons why you might visit your doc in addition to that yearly physical. Whether your website is experiencing some seriously funky symptoms or just needs some tweaks to improve its health, a website redesign may be the cure. Check out these tips on pinpointing the perfect time to redesign your website. 

Prioritize Website Responsiveness

One of the first things to ask yourself when considering a web redesign is, “How responsive is my site?” The main purpose of any company’s website is to support its business on the internet. If your website shows signs of being unresponsive or any functions on your site cease to work — it’s time to redesign your website ASAP. Outdated features and a need for new ones contribute to the overall responsiveness of your website, too. 

Change with the Times

Speaking of outdated features, this goes beyond just web design trends that should be incorporated as new styles emerge. Reworking pages and content is crucial to keeping your website from going stale. As many companies conduct business and advertise services online, try thinking of your website as a physical business location that customers could visit. What happens when a restaurant or coffee shop experiences a substantial drop in customers? A redesign! As your business extends to an online presence that can make or break visitors’ satisfaction with what’s being offered, consider making changes that will provide a more user-friendly experience.

Align Your Site with Your Goals

At any company, business models, marketing tactics, and offerings are constantly changing. That’s just a sign of growth! But if you forget to update your website with those changes, your overarching goals simply won’t be aligned with your online presence. Company rebranding or new functionality requirements like the addition of a member login and dashboard are also a few factors that would certainly require a redesign. For more on setting goals when planning a website, check out our rambling on creating a website hierarchy.

Don’t Forget About Security

While the driving force behind many website redesign efforts is the desire for a “modern online presence,” it’s important to mention that improving your website’s security is a valid reason to redesign, too. Is your current website maintained under a provider that is less capable than newer hosts in the business? Maybe your site has too many add-ons and plugins and has become vulnerable to hazards. Any progress made on your current site is out the window if it isn’t secure!

If your current website is running smoothly and aligning with your current business goals, then it is safe to say that following the “every three years” redesign protocol is a decent rule to follow. For more information on how Ironistic can lead the charge for your website’s next redesign initiative, check out our web design and development services today.

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