Web Design Trends to Look Out for in 2021

web design trends 2021In a world with millions of websites, how does your brand stick out from the crowd? What design trends are actually working, and how do you bring more consistent business to your company? Ironistic is here to help navigate the design trends you should be incorporating in 2021.

Web designers are seeking new heights of realism, while new technological advances and developments are pushing the boundaries of design more than ever. When refreshing your website, start by collecting your research and having a game plan to start. See what has been working for your business in the past, what posts got the most engagement, review what you want your brand to represent, and have your brand kit in mind when making creative decisions. Here are a few tips to consider when working with digital design in 2021:

Use Animation

Take your users on a journey: keep them interested (and on your website) using animation to guide them to sections you want them to remember. Show depth and layered content. Micro animations enhance the user experience and prompt website visitors to take action. Scrolling transformations, parallax features, and animated buttons can spice up any site

2021 web design trends

Incorporate Realism

Bring real life into your design to show users how information or products can be used in their day to day activities. Designers are blending the digital and the ordinary like never before, and it reflects just how much a part of everyday life websites have become. 

realism and web design

Add Bold Colors and Simple Abstract Art Compositions

Research colors and see which ones represent your brand’s values best. After a dark 2020, everyone could use some positive colors right now. Simple abstract art keeps users engaged and brings the creative drawing to life.

abstract art web design

Digital Interpretations of Physical Products

How are your customers actually using your product? Branded infographics that incorporate animation are a big one. This shows the customer how it is used and when they can use it in their everyday life.

digital interpretations web design

Captivating Questionnaires

Finding out what your user wants and needs is a big win for any business. Questionnaires help businesses gather research that they might not be able to get. 

questionnaires web design

Be Original

Content is KING! No one wants to read a blog you copied from or something someone else already touched on. Push the boundaries and be creative!

We’re excited to incorporate these 2021 website design trends into our digital efforts …. and want to ring in the new year with visuals that stand out for our clients and their target audiences. Are you ready for a website update or refresh? We can help! Contact us to learn more.

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Nylon James
March 31, 2021

Great article. These are great web design trends and its super interesting to see how people have already implanted these trends into their web designs. Thank you for sharing this.


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