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Telling Your StoryHere at Ironistic, we believe everyone has a story to tell, product to sell, or cause to yell.  We believe everyone wants that story/product/cause to be heard.  We believe everyone can make a difference if it is heard.  And we believe having an online presence is the most effective way to make that happen.

We recently met with a company, let’s refer to them as Old School Inc., who has not updated their website in over ten years.  You can imagine… it starts in the top left corner, has no calls to action, does not respond to differing screen sizes, gathers no analytics, and provides peanuts in terms of keywords for search engines to crawl.  The meeting began with Old School Inc.’s disclaimer that their website provides no revenue stream for them, thus they have no reason to spend resources, monetary or human, on it.  They quickly asked though for suggestions on how they could have better outreach.  What?

We believe everyone has a story to tell. 

If you think about why you do what you do, you would likely come up with many factors that brought you to where you are today.  Maybe something happened to a family or friend that sparked the cause for which you are fighting.  Or maybe you experienced something that you thought you could make better, and even began envisioning your improvements.  Or better yet, maybe you were born with an idea that continued to evolve into your adulthood and it finally came to fruition.  Your story is there, whether or not you choose to share it is up to you.

So let’s go back to our Old School Inc. meeting.  We learned at the meeting that Old School Inc. has been around for a while, has a friendly team of employees, has a great group of happy clients, is very skilled and experienced at what they do, and was started to fulfill a community need.  They clearly have a story to tell, if not hundreds of stories, yet they have a very limited audience.

We believe everyone wants that story heard. 

Does anyone use the phone book anymore?  I am not sure kids even know what one is or why anyone would even want to use a phone book.  Instead, you turn to the internet to find phone numbers, answers to your children’s homework, … pretty much everything!  A quick search using a single word, phrase, or question summons a goggle (pun intended) of potential answers, even in order of relevance to your search; thanks to the millions of sites that provide content that is related to your search.

When surfing for specific words attached to Old School Inc., the company’s site finally showed up on page eight.  When searching for strings of words used in their content multiple times, Old School Inc. did not even show up within the first ten pages.  Does anyone ever go that far?  No wonder Old School Inc.is asking how to improve their reach…. their best tool (OldSchoolInc.com) is not working for them, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.  Their site is not mobile friendly, their font is archaically small, their imagery is severely limited, their content is not optimized for searches, and their story is difficult to comprehend.  After spending some time on OldSchoolInc.com (if you ever find it), would you be able to figure out the services Old School Inc. provides?  Yes, but who has the time to search for something that other companies are providing within seconds?

We believe everyone can make a difference if that story is heard.

You are an individual yet there are others out there that share your values, beliefs, and interests.  Providing a story, creating a product, or leading a cause can make a difference, if other similar individuals hear your story, find your product, or back your cause.  It used to take many years of playing out of a garage, then branching out to local venues, and eventually catching the ear of someone that knows someone connected to the music industry, all BEFORE seizing the opportunity to play in front of millions.  Thanks to American Idol, The Voice, YouTube, and many other mediums, the opportunity to be heard is practically free of obstacles.

According to the one testimonial found on their website, Old School Inc. has made a huge difference in one of their clients’ lives.  Nice, but not impressive or convincing.  It was not until our meeting that we learned of the additional clients for which they have made a difference.  Their credibility is now improving.  In addition, they discussed how their services are a necessity and could have a large impact on just about everyone, if everyone only knew about them and their story.

We believe having an online presence is the most effective way to make that happen.

Whether you like it or not, these days the internet is the most effective tool to captivate an audience… if you are able to even get their attention.  Creating a website that clearly shares your story is the first step.  Old School Inc. has a site (that severely needs updating), but lacks the obvious story.  Setting up site analytics, incorporating basic search engine optimization techniques, and link building the key words of your story is the next step that will improve your site’s performance.  Unfortunately, Old School Inc. hasn’t realized the importance of step one to move onto step two.  If you have, then your third step is to take advantage of the many tools the internet provides: social media, email, and online marketing.  “What?  We should be marketing online in addition to using snail mail,” Old School Inc. verbatim, when translating their body language.  Oh, and do not forget that change happens, which is all the more reason your website and tools should continue to evolve!

Your audience is out there and eagerly waiting.  Are you ready and willing to share your story and make that difference?

Please comment if you have been there, done that!  Please contact us if you can relate!

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