The World Wide Web History of Ironistic

World Wide Web HistoryIt’s official; the World Wide Web is 29. I already had enough to think about this year since I just recently turned 29 myself but to avoid focusing on my farewell to my twenties, I decided it would be better to reflect on the World Wide Web. Okay, not just the entire internet because, none of us have that kind of time, but more specifically, Ironistic. What impact has Ironistic had on the Web? Well, quite the impact as you’ll soon read. One might even say Ironistic puts the “Web” in World Wide Web…

World Wide Web History

Okay, let’s first take a moment to remember how this day even came to life.

In 1989, a CERN scientist named Tim Bernes-Lee wrote a proposal regarding the future development of a distributed system for the laboratory and scientists across the globe. Within a year’s time, the world’s first server and website were on the brink of going live at CERN. The World Wide Web was designed as the system to stimulate communication via hyperlinks – and wow has this communication tool grown the last 29 years. World Wide Web Day marks the birth of the Web in August 1990, with the first ever website being published on August 6, 1991, at the following URL http://info.cern.ch/hypertext/WWW/TheProject.html.

Since that initial launch in 1990, the Web has exponentially grown to allow people from all over the world to communicate, learn, share information, grow, and entertain. I mean, can you imagine life pre-Google? Yeah, that’s a hard one to think about. The Web is powerful, and it’s nowhere near reaching its full potential. And luckily, thanks to this phenomenal discovery, Ironistic was born.

Ironistic Takeover

Sites have been launching at a rapid pace, digital marketing efforts have been at an all-time high, and the Web has witnessed true talent in the space since 2012, thanks to yours truly – Ironistic. As with anything, we know you’ll need proof so we wanted to provide you some “ballpark numbers” so you can really understand our team’s impact on the Web. We can’t say we’re the reason World Wide Web Day is celebrated, but we’d like to think we’re one of the many reasons it’s been occurring for 20+ years.


Website Launches


Social Media Posts




Digital Marketing Campaigns


Goal Conversions


Emails Sent

Okay, so maybe these numbers are a little exaggerated… Either way, we’re proud and excited to report on the true impact our team has made on the Web. Not to brag about our success, but to brag about our client’s successes. This day gives us a reason to really think about all of the awesome projects we’ve had the opportunity to work on over the years. We love our clients! We like to shamelessly brag about them, not just today, but every day.  And, without technology advancing 29 years ago, we wouldn’t have the ability to do what we love to help our clients achieve their goals.

To showcase our gratitude and excitement, below is approximately the number of times we have said cheers on behalf of our clients. Gosh, they really make us thirsty. Cheers to many more!


Cheers To Our Clients

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