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AWS System Administrator

AWS System Administrator

Hello World!

Thanks for visiting me here!  I’m thrilled to be a part of the team at Ironistic and eager about the future.

The electrifying moment my teenage brain sparked a love for the internet was the day our family computer got to finally use that little modem and dial-up.  From then on, I could talk with anyone in the world with IRC, make a site using notepad and some tutorials, and play games with others on the vast interwebs!  I ignored homework and the nightly news!  

Fast forward to this moment where I’m experiencing the same exuberant headspace working with creative human beings at Ironistic.  It hits me right in the feels!  I find being a part of bringing client visions to life to be challenging and rewarding.

Some of my major goals here include providing excellent support for our infrastructure and beyond, helping others with their potential, and aiming to continue my own personal and professional growth.  

More About Me:

If you haven’t fallen asleep by now, here are some personal things about me.

  • Music:  Anything that’s not Billy Ray Cyrus.  If Achy Breaky Heart plays, I go into a trance.  I have a place with the ‘80s and ‘90s deep in my heart.  Lately, I find myself playing a bunch of modern indie on Spotify.
  • Movies and TV:  I’m a pushover for wild-ride comedies and mission impossible type stuff.  Okay, and romantic comedies, I guess.
  • Other:  Hiking, Snowshoeing, Dogs, Family, Friends, Gaming on Steam, Blockchain tech, Trading Cryptocurrency, Fifty cent invention ideas, Midnight snacks.


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