Shelby Gutleber

Digital Strategist

Digital Strategist

As a Digital Strategist at Ironistic, I’m driven by the power of storytelling and persuasion in the digital realm. With a BA in Political Science and International Relations from Columbia University, I initially delved into policy work before realizing the transformative potential of marketing. Leveraging this transition, I combine my passion for communication with a deep understanding of digital tools to propel brands to their fullest potential.


Beyond the digital sphere, you’ll find me harnessing the energy of kettlebells and boxing bags in the gym. From intense gym sessions to exploring alternative healing methods, I believe in nurturing the mind, body, and soul to achieve peak performance, both personally and professionally.


But don’t let my dedication to health and wellness fool you—my heart belongs to the world of food. From street vendors in Manhattan to Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris, I’ve savored every bite (and even worked in many of the restaurants along the way!), and I’m always ready to swap recipes with fellow foodies.

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