Ric Gollhofer

decorative Digital Strategist
Digital Strategist

Digital Strategist

Hi There! I’m Ric, a Digital Strategist at Ironistic, and I am very excited to join this team. I’m thrilled to be back in my home state of beautiful Colorado after spending my childhood and most of my adult life on the west coast. Definitely a shock not to be next to the ocean!

I come to Ironistic with almost 16 years of online advertising experience. So, since it was born.  😳

I have worked with hundreds of clients, from start-up entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies, along with many local and national agencies. I’m eager to spend time with the rest of our team and help position our clients and Ironistic for success.

Fun facts about me:

My favorite thing to do is moonlight as a travel agent in my spare time. 

Favorite places I have been to are Japan, Thailand, the Dominican Republic, and of course, Mexico. Anywhere with a beach.  

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