Josh Nold

decorative SEO Specialist
SEO/SEM Specialist

SEO/SEM Specialist

Good day to you! I genuinely hope that you are having a good day or that I can at least help make your day better. So just let me know how I can help you.

It is my pleasure to be part of the great team and organization that we have here at Ironistic. I enjoy working with clients and bringing their brands’ web marketing vision to fruition and like to exceed expectations by going above, and beyond what is asked of me.

I was born in the midwest near Kansas City and moved to South Florida in 2015. While I was in college working on my associate of arts (JCCC) in graphic design, I learned front-end web development, and as I went on to get my bachelor’s degree in communication studies (KU), I realized how important the internet was for building a company’s public branding and client-facing communications. With my communications and web design background, I can work with marketing teams to grow a brand’s reach throughout the internet by using the most modern and effective web communication and marketing practices.

Fun Facts:

  • I am a people person that enjoys lifting people and seeing them smile.
  • In middle school through high school, I was in advanced Mathematics and wrote my first computer program when I was 11 on an old apple mac.
  • I love to dance and am trained in Classical Ballet, Modern and Jazz Dance with appearances in Sleeping Beauty, Giselle, Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, and KU University Dance Company.
  • I enjoy horseback riding and grew up spending half of my time on my father’s farm, where I became an animal whisperer and still speak to animals to this day. (If you are having problems with your pet, I might be able to help, even over video conference.)
  • I consider myself a humanitarian and work to benefit the world by cleaning up beaches, community service, and spreading good vibes.
  • I spend a lot of time at the best beaches in the United States here in Sunny (South) Florida, where I enjoy getting sun, free-diving, and swimming with fish.

Here’s one of my favorite I.T. jokes:

What’s Forrest Gump’s email password? (1Forrest1)

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