Celeste Proveaux

Sales/Marketing/Customer Service Associate

Sales/Marketing/Customer Service Associate

Hello! My name is Celeste, and I am a Customer Service Specialist in St. Louis, Missouri. My attention-to-detail and enthusiastic desire to provide quality services in my career over the years has led to me down the path to join the Ironistic team. Being well-versed with trends, culture, and strategy are tools I wield to achieve my goals.

Fun Facts:

  • In our free time, my daughters and I love watching scary movies, discovering new restaurants, and playing video games.
  • Exercise is a chore, so I decided to join a recreational roller derby league. My derby name is “SkunkRacer”.
  • On Saturday mornings, you can find me coordinating for the county youth orchestra during the cold months, and helping my sister’s booth at the local farmer’s market during the warm months. 
  • We are a musical family. My eldest daughter plays the cello, my youngest is a jazz singer, and I play drums.
  • We are also a crazy cat family, but I won’t expound upon that.
  • I enjoy writing, creating and digital strategy.
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