Casey James Perno

Front End (IQ) Developer

For ever I have dabbled in web design and development. When I was a kid, I used to throw pages together for nerd-games. In high school, I overloaded my class schedule trying to learn things like networking, Java, Dreamweaver, and more. It wasn’t until I was thrust into the management of a small business that I was let out of the kiddy pool. By redesigning the company’s website, I managed to increase our SEO performance by over 400% and tripled the number of conversions (i.e. leads generated through the website). My success inspired me to pick up projects from family and friends – basically anyone within ear shot – and with each iteration, my skills, knowledge, and techniques improved and refined.

Eventually I even began creating PHP web apps to help more efficiently run the company! No longer did I need hundreds of physical files for our freelancers – or worse, an annoying sparse spreadsheet. Now, we had an entire online, secure, interactive database with photos which completely took the guesswork out of booking freelancers for our clients.

When I found Ironistic and heard about their business values (i.e. substance not flash) and saw that they were invested in their client’s success – not just a pretty website – I realized that their goals and my goals were aligned. And I decided I wanted to help hundreds of businesses, not just one. So, well, here I am!

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