Brandon Vreeman

Front End Developer

Welcome to my page!

My name is Brandon, and I live in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. I started out my career with a business focus doing outside sales, building a couple businesses of my own, and helping others build their businesses. My focus eventually changed to web development as I found a passion in helping others in creating and improving their businesses. To me, the internet is the Wild West. Anyone with a good idea and the drive to pursue it can build something as large or as small as they want. It is a place where I can truly make the largest impact in their business and their lives.

When it comes to web development, I love a good problem to solve and enjoy the thrill of working with clients in helping to create something that they are passionate about. My strongest drive is in helping others to better themselves and to help them to succeed. I am a constant cheerleader!

Outside of web development for Ironistic, I am a husband and father of two kids. I am also a children’s picture book author. I currently have one book entitled The Ball That Did Not Like to Bounce and am working on my second book. I love spending time with my family, playing volleyball, playing cornhole (or beanbags depending on where you live in the country), and watching movies. I am also a foodie. I tell people that my favorite food is one that I’ve never tried before. With how many new foods that I’ve tried that I love, I know that there has to be another food out there that I love just as much or more!


Brandon's Ramblings

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