Summer Tips That Will Make a Big Impact on Your Q3 and Q4

If you are like many businesses, summer has a “slower” feel to it. Real or perceived, summer is a great time to do some digital marketing housekeeping that can have a big impact on your fall and holiday season. Many of these tasks can be given to your summer intern!

In-house tasks (give your business some TLC)

  • Clean up and segment your email lists. 
  • Create fresh email templates and make sure to include call to action buttons and social media links at the bottom, so your recipients can interact with your email.
  • Review last year’s analytics from your fall and winter website and marketing efforts. Use this data to guide and set up and tweak your Q3 and Q4 marketing campaigns.
  • Create your Q3 and Q4 editorial calendars for blogs and social media.

Outreach (remember the holidays are right around the corner!)

  • Prepare your holiday cards now. Your business can take advantage of “early bird” card processing. You may consider doing a custom card rather than the generic. Here are some examples:
  • Prepare your holiday campaigns.
    • What type of engagement did you have last year for your products or services? Remind past clients of what they did. Let prospective clients know of your successes.
    • Survey your audience for their preferences.
  • How will you reward your more engaged clients or customers? Consider perks and experiences you can offer that will let them know how much you appreciate their referrals, social shares, reviews, etc.
  • Giving Tuesday is November 27, 2018. If you are a non-profit, you know the importance of this day. Begin now to plan and prepare to take maximum advantage of this opportunity. For others, plan which nonprofits you are passionate about and how you will support them. This is a great opportunity to get your employees involved!

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