Print Media Isn’t Dead: How to Make it Work in a Digital World


Wondering about the best way to invest your marketing resources? Don’t make the mistake of thinking print media is becoming obsolete. It isn’t dying. It’s just changing. Ironistic’s here to discuss print media today and how you can integrate it with your digital marketing strategy.

Print media or digital media, you need a smart marketing strategy — first and foremost.

The only thing that’s dead about print media is sending out a half-baked flyer and crossing your fingers that it’s going to work. The reality is in order to stand out in a market saturated with marketing and advertising, nothing will perform well without a strategy driving customers from awareness to close every step of the way.

Print can be an effective way to remind people of a special offer or remind them to come to an event. The act of receiving a physical mailer can keep you top of mind — think about how many times they’ll see it before they remember to recycle it.

For optimal effectiveness, couple a traditional print mailer with advertising on other channels, like social media. In addition, print can be an especially effective tool when you’re reaching out to a small group of warm leads. A high-quality piece that showcases your offering and offers a unique experience (intricate folding, cool effects, etc.) can make for an unforgettable campaign.

– Leah Marsden, Senior Digital Strategist

Print media isn’t dead — it’s evolved

Choose the right imagery

Traditional print media still plays a vital role for marketing in today’s high-tech world. Maybe a print newspaper ad isn’t the best choice for your advertising spend, but it all depends on your target audience. My grandparents, for example, go to The Villages in Florida every winter, and when I was visiting them this year, guess what they were reading every morning to find local events and happenings? You guessed it — the newspaper.

The bottom line is that each company must go through a strategic phase to determine who their target audience is and where they are likely to reach them at the right time with the right message. Print is an important piece of the integrated marketing puzzle.

The majority of offline print media for business marketing purposes has evolved over the years to be less focused on providing a large amount of information to being more visually captivating. The goal of print should typically be to get the viewer to visit to the company’s website to get additional information or make a purchase.

Print is a perfect digital marketing pairing for branding purposes, promoting events and so much more. We work closely with our print partners and office suite mates, Hudson Studio, to have the ability to offer a full range of services and bridge the gap between digital and print for a strong and effective integrated marketing approach.

When you’re ready to make sure you have all of the pieces you need to make the maximum impact for your business or organization, give us a call.

– Hannah Taylor, Director of Integrated Marketing

Print media comes with less distractions.

Digital vs. Print — who’s the winner? Most would probably say digital wins but in actuality, print is holding strong for a number of reasons. Print is tangible and less distracting than digital media. When you’re reading an article on your phone, you are more likely to be distracted with a text, instant message or an email ding, whereas a printed newspaper has no distractions to pull you away.

Soaking in the information and having it stay is more likely to happen from the printed piece. Although it seems most people can access the internet for anything, there are a lot of people who cannot. Even companies and schools that have access to the internet, use printed materials for their employees and students for educational purposes.

– Faith Dallmann, Graphic Designer

Modern print media requires a laser focus on design and creativity.

NO! Print media isn’t dead. We are fortunate to work alongside our print partners, Hudson Studio, since many of our clients are also looking for offline support, and many of their clients require online support.

Just as email has not shut down the postal service, online marketing has only elevated the print playing field. Hudson Studio has to be even more creative in their approach, maintain consistency across all mediums, and create designs triggering strong emotions.

– Rita Foss, Co-founder and CEO

Print media is awesome for promoting events.

Though more people read their news on a phone or computer rather than in paper, the print industry is still alive and well. Print allows businesses to share their message with the masses and still provides the ability to add a URL to direct traffic to websites.

Print is particularly useful for events or time-sensitive material. It also allows people to snap a picture of the ad, send it to friends and keep it as a reminder in their phone which is much more valuable than a display impression online.

– Emily Stephens, Digital Strategist

Print media combined with digital media is super effective.

The industry has been premature in writing the obituary for print media. My favorite example of print and digital playing well together are QR Codes. They can be cleverly designed, and when added to posters, mailings and even plaques on statues, they provide the end user with the digital goods.

My favorite use of a QR code is at the JFK Tribute Statue in Fort Worth Texas. There are several bronze engraved plaques with QR codes etched in them. Each QR code takes you to a different interactive experience including watching JFK give several speeches, including his last speech in the spot where you are standing. I think there are plenty of more opportunities for print and digital media to combine forces and thrive.

– Kimberly Hancock, Project Manager

Print and digital media make awesome marketing partners.

Print media lives on! Print and digital marketing reinforce each other and work together to strengthen your message. Always have collateral on hand that you can hand to clients with information that aligns with your website and digital messaging.

– Shah Faridi, Digital Strategist

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