Positive Lessons Learned During This Shift in Our World


In the past couple of months, our world has seen a shift that has challenged many of our daily routines, conversations, and beliefs. The power of our voices has enabled us to stand up for what we believe in and reflect on the various ways we can spread unity and love. Check out the lessons that the Ironistic team has learned during these trying times.

See the good in people.

2020 has taught me that there are wonderful people in this world. With everything that has happened thus far, folks are making the time to help those around them – whether it is a small business or person in need. We are truly blessed to have many kind souls surrounding us.

– Rita Foss, Co-Founder & CEO

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I used to think that people only cared about themselves – it can certainly seem that way on social media. What these last 6 months have shown me is that our community can really come together to help each other out. Whether it’s making sure to support local restaurants and small business owners, to organizing food drives, putting together an impromptu fundraiser to make sure that a local dry cleaner can buy food after losing 95% of their business, or making sure that elderly people are being checked on regularly. There has been so much love and support shown amongst perfect strangers. It’s been incredible to see how giving people really are and how much they care about those around them.

– Sylvia Foerster, Creative Manager

Minnesota nice is a real thing. During regular times, it’s not uncommon to get a wave or a hello from a random stranger. Right now, I get (and give) them so much more often! And you know what? It feels great! Just that simple gesture that says, “I see you” makes a huge difference to me personally. We aren’t in this thing called life alone, and we shouldn’t pretend we are. Reach out to others, whether you know them or not. Recognize that they are human, too. You never know how it might affect their current situation. Even if it’s as simple as saying “Hello”.

– Brandon Vreeman, Front End Developer

Slow down.

Something I’ve always wanted to do was live in the present. It’s way easier said than done, I think everyone can agree with that. But this quarantine really has helped me learn to take life one day at a time and not to worry about tomorrow. We get so caught up in things that won’t even matter in the long run. I’ve also learned to mentally and physically live at peace. The ways I’ve achieved peace are through writing down what I’m grateful for, reading an inspiring book, taking in the beauty of nature, helping others, meditating, reaching out to my loved ones, and exercising.

– Alexis Bignotti, Social Media Specialist

2020 has taught me many things, but the biggest is slowing down and enjoying what you have. The quiet times are wonderful, and they don’t need to be filled with something else, they should be enjoyed. Time with family and friends is precious. When you can’t physically see each other, you can still stay in touch with texts, phone calls, and video chats – and you should always stay connected. Small gestures mean much more than grand gestures – letting people know you’re thinking of them and that you care about them. Just a simple “Hi, how are you doing?” can help someone who really needs it. Doctors, nurses, firefighters, and anyone on the front lines are incredible. Hairstylists are essential! Eating at a restaurant is fun. There are many books to read and shows and movies to catch up on. Our pets are happy to see us ALL the time. Hugs are amazing!!

– Mary Ann Jacobsen, Human Resources

2020 has reminded me that slowing down isn’t a bad thing, and that it’s been so beneficial to our family and many other families out there. Quality time as a family cooking, random kitchen dance parties, sprinklers in the driveway, bike rides, and more have brought us together. Realizing that strangers are only strangers if you don’t open yourself up and start a conversation. Helping others like myself navigate the product limits at Costco when we’re all shopping for our elderly parents, and helping those elderly shoppers with their groceries so they can get out of the store as quickly as possible. Watching my community come together has been amazing.

– Jenny Friedman, Sr. Digital Strategist

Reach out to your loved ones.

2020 has brought so much uncertainty and made us all reflect on the things that really matter. I’ve learned that spreading joy, peace, and/or love to someone I know personally or to someone I have not met CAN make a big difference in someone’s day… whether it’s a phone call to a loved one, a hand written letter, a donation to a local business suffering,  supporting an organization you care about, or just learning how to be the best version of yourself through reading and tackling goals. A little goes a long way. Spread positivity and laughs instead of germs and hate.

– Sarah Kelley, Digital Strategist

2020 more than anything so far has reminded me of the things that are truly important. Communication with friends, family, and community that are sometimes overlooked in busier times have become central to my every day. I find myself living more in the present instead of focusing too much on the past or future objectives overall. Most of all it has made me enjoy the little things that we sometimes take for granted.

– Josh Hall, Development Manager

Listen and dig deep.

I really like the quote that has been circulating that goes, “I understand that I will never understand, but I can still take a stand.” This can apply to many issues pertinent to our current climate. Wear your masks, challenge a statement that doesn’t sit right with you, stay informed! Absorbing knowledge and changing your opinions is a good thing — It’s growth! I’ve learned just how important truly listening can be, you don’t always have to listen with the intent to reply.

– Lindy Gillard, Content Writer

2020 has forced me to look inward. I haven’t always been one to slow down or take time for myself, but this year has taught me to really take my mental health seriously. I’ve learned the importance of having tough conversations, communicating, listening, reading and digging deep. I’ve learned that there is no right way to handle what the world is going through right now – that it’s okay to feel whatever it is you’re feeling, that those feelings are valid. But most importantly, even when it seems like the world has flipped upside down, there are still good people all around us. Always look for the good, and above all else, be the good that this world so desperately needs right now.

Rebecca Howard, SEO Specialist

Reflect on your values.

I’ve learned how lucky I’ve had it growing up. I come from a diverse upbringing and a family that works hard to provide no matter the circumstances. This is something I want to carry with me and remember not just for my generation, but for the next.

– Shah Faridi, Digital Strategist

2020 should be a year of change and evolution rather than regression and sorrow. It doesn’t matter anymore who is right or wrong, what matters is how we are going to move forward. We have to be better tomorrow than we were today, period. (Read more of Jared’s lessons learned in his latest rambling, 2020: A Year of Change.)

– Jared Elliott, Co-founder & COO

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