Zachary Kitts

Super Lawyer Zach Kitts is the author of the recently published book, How to be a Successful Qui Tam Whistleblower. A founding partner of K&G Law Group based in Alexandria, Zach Kitts is consistently recognized for his excellence in practice, most notably by Super Lawyers (in D.C. and Virginia) and Best Lawyers of America. Qui tam law is a major cornerstone of his experience and success, with his “whistleblower” cases returning more than 80 million to the public fisc and meriting his contribution as an expert to qui tam legislation. Now Zach Kitts adds qui tam law author to his resume.

His purpose in publishing How to be a Successful Qui Tam Whistleblower was to educate whistleblowers, providing his seasoned advice and materials in order to best prepare them for the challenges ahead. His purpose, then, in reaching out to Ironistic for a website, was to create a public platform for promoting and selling his book.

Ironistic created a simple but modern and professional site that complements the book’s design as well as Zach Kitts’ brand. Intuitive development means visitors can easily learn about the author, the book, and its subject matter, qui tam law, without getting lost in the woods. Integrated call-to-actions for the site’s various features aid the easy navigation while others invite users get a copy of the book, contact Zach Kitts, or follow him on social media. We also linked to Amazon where users can buy the book,  as well as news pertinent to both the book, the author, and his law practice.

These days, getting the word out on anything—a book, a product, an idea, a business, a mission—requires an online platform, the right online platform. Ironistic knows what that takes. If you want to be a successful whistleblower, meet Zach Kitts. If you want a successful website, get Ironistic.

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