Quality of learning for students is dependent on, among other factors, quality of learning and development for teachers. The West Virginia Council of Teachers of English (WVCTE) recognizes that continuing education and support for teachers is vital to the growth and success of students at all levels of the school system. That, in essence, is their goal: Empower the English Language Arts educators of West Virginia in order to better serve their elementary, middle and high school students. WVCTE’s online site is key to this goal, which acts as a virtual community and resource for its members.

When West Virginia Council of Teachers of English approached Ironistic for a new site, they were looking for something more modern and easy to update. Their current platform, at the time, did not provide either solution, and Ironistic was happy to help. The main feature of WVCTE’s site is their blog, which provides a slew of articles that offer encouragement and insight on a variety of relevant topics related to teaching techniques, real-world classroom experience, social justice, and the latest research. The site then needed to be inviting and engaging, while also being user-friendly, especially on the administrative side.

Ironistic created a clean, professional design that was simple and easy to navigate. Call-to-actions to become a member and attend their first conference are incorporated throughout. Their core mission is front and center, as is the most recent blog topics. Site visitors and members can easily search for articles of interest, and comments (community) are invited. With the WordPress content management system, WVCTE administrators can edit and update all content on the site easily and efficiently; plus it’s responsive, so educators can access the website from any device.

With this new site, the West Virginia Council of Teachers of English can grow their outreach and support to English educators across the state and, with this growth, positively affect academic outcomes for thousands of students. Ironistic was proud to be a resource for them in this effort.

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