The Washington Area New Automobile Dealers Association (WANADA) is THE group for new car dealers in the metropolitan DC region. It represents and advocates for its members within their industry, to the media, and in the public policy area. They’ve been at it since 1917 – 100 years and counting. Not only do they do good work as a non-profit association, they also serve their members with an employee benefits insurance agency and their Automobile Dealer Education Institute (ADEI). Plus, they positively impact their community with their foundation that supports such charitable programs as the Greater Washington Boys and Girls Clubs, the Washington Regional Alcohol Program (WRAP), the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and Child Safety Stops, the nation’s first dealer-based child safety fitting program. Their flagship, globally-recognized endeavor, however, is The Washington Auto Show, the area’s largest indoor event that serves as a major public policy forum for the industry. It not only showcases really cool cars, it’s become a prominent setting for an international exchange of ideas on the future of transportation. Check out our website for that too!

With all that going for them, it’s plain to see why WANADA needed a website that accurately represented them, gave them a modern face, and better served their members. Short and simple, their website just didn’t work. It was outdated and needed a complete overhaul in order for them to operate effectively. Good thing they teamed up with Ironistic.

Ironistic redesigned their site with a professional and modern approach that incorporated their branding and logo and made content more appealing and easier to absorb. Speaking of content, WANADA had a lot of it. So not only was it necessary to design the site in a way that was attractive to users, it was vitally important that it be restructured in order communicate and operate at an optimum level. They needed to speak to and support not only their dealer members, but also their “Kindred” members – organizations doing business with their dealers — insurance program members, prospective members, and general audiences interested in their auto show and other activities.

Navigation was key. We formatted the site so that all information is easy to find and access. Plus, the site is fully responsive. Calls-to-action that are directed at each of their various audiences are strategically located throughout. We made it easy to learn about benefits, easy to learn about news and events, easy to search for members’ info, and easy for newbies to sign up.

The WordPress CMS also makes it easy for WANADA admins to manage their site, whether its updating their Bulletin, calendar and events, adding or editing media content, and collecting info from various forms created for the site. We recommended and implemented specific plugins for their form submissions and event calendar (Gravity Forms and Modern Event Calendar, respectively) that we felt would best fit the demands of their application. Again flexibility and ease of use for both WANADA and their users was key. WANADA wanted to show their members they were ready for the future, and by doing so, attract new members as well. Using technology and design to gain better usability and achieve business goals is what all sites need – and what Ironistic aces every time.

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