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You know the lyric, “She blinded me with science”? Well, our client, VUV Analytics might just be a real world example of that. They’ve taken vacuum ultraviolet technology (VUV) to new heights and given a myriad of industries a new (read: better) solution to determining and analyzing various compounds. Industries like petrochemicals, forensics, food and beverage safety, pharma, and environmental science all use gas chromatography to run tests and accumulate data. VUV is the wave of the future and the world leader in vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) absorption spectroscopy. That means, VUV Analytics provides the products that make such studies and analyses easier, faster, more accurate, reducing human error and increasing productivity.

Now, while all that might be Greek to some of you, it was important that VUV Analytics have a site that promoted their brand, their UV detector products and benefits as well as all the science and technology behind it. And, of course, they needed to do so in a way that was engaging and user-friendly while also conveying their innovation and skill. In addition, they wanted to increase their social media following, publicize any events, and incorporate easy content management. That’s something that we, at Ironistic, have got down to a science.

First, we designed an appealing, brand-centric, responsive site with effortless navigation and top-notch functionality. We wove in information, resources, and calls-to-action seamlessly throughout the site and made them accessible both from a practical and creative viewpoint. With a WordPress CMS implementation, VUV Analytics can easily update and manage all content, from images, media and products to news and events, academic research, and blog. The site integrates with the Hubspot CRM tool, which VUV uses to track all online activity and manage content. Ironistic is also on-hand to provide digital marketing direction as needed.

A successful website should look good and function even better; it should create brand awareness, draw in target audiences, and then guide them to your goals, whether it be outreach, education, investment, lead generation, recruitment, or all of the above. It’s not rocket science. It’s just smart business. We did it for VUV, and we can do it for you too. Contact Ironistic today.

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