Vertical Solutions (VS) Helicopters tells people “Come with us and see Alaska.” Boy, they aren’t kidding! The photos and videos that showcase their helicopter experiences in Alaska look fantastic. Maybe we should open up an Alaska Ironistic office? Much of Alaska is simply beautiful, and what better way to experience that majestic beauty than to go out and explore it with experienced pilots and knowledgeable Alaskans.

As a “destination” business, VSHelicopters needed a strong online presence where people from around the world could catch a glimpse of the Alaskan experience and then be encouraged enough to book a helicopter tour or hire them for the remote access utility services they provide. We were excited to partner up with VSHelicopters on the new website project, not only because Alaska is amazing, but also because we love working with local businesses that require a far-reaching online presence. In building the new website, we focused heavily on the target audience’s user experience and encouraged a “flow” for the website:

  1. They are looking for a unique experience
  2. They see the experience and knowledge that VSHelicopters can offer
  3. They book a tour. No, not a tour, an adventure!

The website functionality is fairly basic; however, the focus for this particular project was to spark an emotional reaction in the website visitor. As you browse the website, we want you to feel compelled to be there and experience a VSHelicopter Tour.

Take a look, and book an Alaskan adventure!

Services Provided:

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