Victor P. Jones

Simple fact of life: living life involves risks. You know this. And if “knowing is half the battle,” the other half is doing. What can you do to mitigate risk? This is where Victor P. Jones comes in. As a former NFL linebacker, Victor P. Jones knows all about defense and the value of being prepared for anything. He also knows the value of community, service, and helping others along the way. This is why he recently chose to relocate to his hometown of Rockwood, Maryland and become a State Farm agent. As a State Farm agent, he helps those in his community assess their risks and then prepare the best defense for those risks. He provides insurance for both personal and business needs, including auto, home, life, renters, and commercial liability, among other types. His professional life as a football player and entrepreneur as well as his personal life as a family man have given him the experience and qualities for making sure his clients are well-protected – or as Victor P. Jones himself says, to “help life go right.”

When Victor P. Jones came to Ironistic, he was looking for an effective way to broadcast this message to his community. A modern online presence was the simple – and smart – way to do this. We created a website with an appealing design, making use of State Farm branding, and incorporated user-friendly functionality so visitors could easily learn about Victor P. Jones, what he offers, and get in contact with him. Content is engaging and well-organized, and navigation is a breeze. The WordPress CMS allows Victor P. Jones administrators to easily update and manage the site as needed, plus the website is fully responsive, meaning that both current and potential clients can access it via any device.

Today’s world demands market-savvy sites that clearly communicate one’s pluses and amplify one’s brand – sites that are visually compelling and function effectively. Nothing less will do for competing in the online arena. Ironistic understands this and, more importantly, understands how to help. Strategy, design, development, marketing – we can do that. Find out how today.

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