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The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation is a grant-funded nonprofit organization focused on strengthening America’s long-term competitiveness, and through their Center for Education and Workforce, they empower America’s businesses to find solutions to the education and training gaps in our communities. They recently commissioned a new website to highlight U.S. employers like IBM, ExxonMobil, and Home Depot that are “working towards solutions to some of our toughest education and workforce challenges.” The programs they lead provide education, training, mentorships and internships that offer real opportunity for successful, 21st-century careers.

Forwardontalent.org was designed and developed by Ironistic as a companion site for the Commerce Foundation’s new art installation, Building the Workforce of the Future. The Commerce Foundation’s initiative targets four core need areas in our workforce today: Entry Point to School Readiness, Preparing Students for Success, Bridging Classroom to Career, and Investing in Talent for Tomorrow. The hope is that the stories and lessons shared on the website will provide practical models and inspire more investment in America’s next generation from U.S. employers.

Aware of the goals and potential impact of this website, Ironsitic built a visually-engaging platform designed to educate and encourage action. It features high-impact stories, an interactive map with pop-up features, social media integration, and an easy avenue for new businesses to submit their stories.

The interactive map fuses the site’s featured organizations and their initiatives with their respective states. For instance, a trip to Wisconsin will introduce you to Wyoming Machine, Inc. or you can travel south to Texas to learn about UpSkill Houston. Ironistic also implemented unique filters outside of the interactive map, like searching via tag or education focus. Because we fully expect the website to grow and evolve, Ironistic also engineered a dynamic backend so that the Chamber of Commerce Foundation can easily manage their site by including functionality for creating forms and building out highly-customized stories without the need for additional development.

Do you have a special project, foundation, or charitable endeavor that deserves to be seen and heard? Ironistic has the skills and experience to help. We invite you to visit the new website and read some of the inspiring stories from America’s business leaders; then, we invite you to visit us for your own unique online solution.

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