Tychon came to us as CloudHash Security, a successful, yet misunderstood, cybersecurity start-up looking to cement a strong corporate identity in a saturated marketplace. Through our work together, we not only established that identity and brand in Tychon, but went on to develop a custom website that brings that new brand to life.

The company was created by former DoD cyber operators responsible for Incident Response and Defensive Cyber Operations. Operators creating tools for operators. Their passion for creating solutions that are easy and efficient for teams to manage and implement, and their drive to continually improve the technology behind that solution has been inspiring to be a part of. Ironistic was proud to partner with Tychon to support their needs in crafting a new company name, market positioning, messaging, brand development, marketing, advertising, corporate identity management, and of course website design and development.

In our time working together, Tychon has grown from a brilliant cybersecurity solution to an enterprise-wide security optimization and systems management platform providing value from individual cyber security analysts all the way to c-suite leadership. The Tychon team sees the IT landscape with no silos between divisions, shared data sources, and easy-to-use platforms that don’t require companies to hire over-priced expertise. They believe in efficiency, making use of existing resources, optimizing any network and resource pool, and the value of speed.

We are excited about what this company and their solutions are going to bring to organizations across the country and worldwide and look forward to our ongoing partnership in website evolution, corporate and brand evolution, and marketing.

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