Toyota Diversity & Inclusion

Toyota’s brand is synonymous with innovation, quality and value, and its prestige rests on its governing ethos and diverse community of thinkers, dreamers, and problem-solvers. The Team Toyota Competencies and philosophy of Founder Sakichi Toyoda reflect the company’s commitment to Continuous Improvement and Respect for People. These values drive their inclusive environment where new ideas are welcomed and encouraged. As Toyota Financial Services Group Vice President, Julie Wada, stated, “When we…leverage diverse experiences, ideas and perspectives, we create a world-class organization where anything is possible.”

The annual Toyota Diversity and Inclusion Report is a celebration of the company’s growth and successes in these areas, and for 2018, Toyota decided to go digital. With Ironistic’s past experience creating interactive reports for clients, we, along with our friends at HudsonLake, were a perfect fit to help Toyota realize its goals for this initiative.

This digital report serves as a platform for individual stories from Toyota’s team members and as a testament to how embracing diversity inspires ingenuity and drives growth. This website not only demonstrates Toyota’s commitment to empowering its team and supporting underrepresented populations in the technology workforce, but it shows off loads of neat features that add impact to the site’s message and mission.

Ironistic designed a visually-engaging and interactive website that illustrates how Toyota supports its employees and encourages inclusivity and diversity in STEM fields through its numerous partnerships with American organizations like the NAACP, Hispanic Scholarship Fund, and Asian Pacific Community Fund. The site is user-friendly, modern and impactful with the help of great stories and cool functionality like hover states, modal story takeovers, infographics, and integrated social sharing. Page elements are designed to support the stories, and infographics change when a page is refreshed so that each time a user visits the site, they’re treated to new content. It’s a smart way to keep audiences engaged and get the intended message across.

Interactive online reports are the modern, intelligent way to present your aspirations and achievements. The possibilities go far beyond a PDF and some paper. They’re a sure way to reach your target audiences and, hopefully, pave the way for future growth and impact. With our proven experience, Ironistic can help you with strategic design and development plus a solid digital marketing strategy. Contact us today.

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