This Is Statistics

Statistician might just be the coolest job you’ve never heard of.   Don’t believe us?  Check out our new website that we put together with our friends at Stanton Communications and with the folks over at the American Statistical Association – http://thisisstatistics.org/.   The goal of this project was to create a destination website where ASA could direct students, parents and educators to learn more about a career in statistics.

Take the quiz to see if a career in statistics is right for you!

The website is  part of a much larger outreach and awareness campaign that centers on showcasing statistics in industry, highlighting famous professionals in the field, and encouraging young Americans to consider a career as a statistician.  For this project, ASA required an engaging, modern website that appealed to several different audiences – high school and college students, parents, and educators – and that encouraged them to click deeper into the website to learn more.  Under the guidance of Stanton Communications, Ironistic worked closely with the team to build a custom design website on a WordPress platform.

Check it out over at www.thisisstatistics.org.  Still not sure?  Just watch.


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