The Max Mallory Foundation

The Max Mallory Foundation is a young foundation striving to benefit those suffering from cancer. Set up in 2017 in honor of Max Mallory, who passed away in 2016, its main focus is young adults who have been diagnosed with various forms of cancer. As Max Mallory struggled with his own diagnosis, he realized that young adults (20s and 30s) were an underserved population when it came to treatment assistance. His hope was to change this, and the foundation’s aim is to carry on his wishes and provide resources, information and support for those age 20-39 who are battling cancer.

When The Max Mallory Foundation first approached Ironistic, they were still a new organization and they had an incomplete WordPress site. Thus, with their mission and newly-developed brand in mind, Ironistic created a simple but effective site with a modern design and user-friendly navigation. Front and center is their message of support and patient advocacy. It details the foundation’s history and purpose, and it highlights related events, including scholarships set up in honor of Max Mallory, while offering easy ways to donate. Built on a WordPress platform, the foundation can easily manage and update content as they raise awareness and increase their outreach.

While there are many charities and foundations dedicated to helping and improving the lives of cancer patients, there aren’t quite as many dedicated to the young adult demographic. We hope you’ll take the time to check out the Max Mallory Foundation and make a donation to help young adults battling cancer.

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