The Lucas Foundation

Lucas Reinke was a normal, active, happy kid until he started having muscle pains and weakness and unexplained flu-like symptoms. Through doctors’ visit, trips to the hospital, and many tests, it was finally determined that Lucas had rhabdomyolysis, a condition that causes muscle cells to become stressed and leak protein into the bloodstream. In some cases, like Lucas’, it is life threatening. After Lucas’ sudden passing at just five years old, it was discovered that he had abnormal LP1N1 genes, which cause rhabdomyolysis on a massive scale.

This condition with LP1N1 is incredibly rare and a relatively recent discovery, so Lucas Reinke’s parents were determined to share their son’s story and raise awareness for the genetic disorder – thus The Lucas Foundation was born. When the foundation approached Ironistic for a website, we understood the importance of its purpose and were ready and willing to do our best for Lucas’ memory and his parents’ mission.

We designed and developed a website that is at once inviting and informative. Lucas’ happy face is the hallmark of the site and the layout and navigation are intuitive, making it simple and easy for visitors to learn about Lucas, his condition and symptoms, and to access available research and information about LP1N1. The foundation wanted to appeal to both parents and medical professionals, and so the website is geared to assist both audiences individually in discovering resources related to the genetic disorder. They also know that there are other families like them out there, so we added an area where visitors can share their own stories and continue to build awareness and help others seeking answers. And as new research becomes available, the WordPress CMS platform, allows site administrators to easily add and update all types of content.

We were proud to be The Lucas Foundation’s resource for creating a web presence, and we, at Ironistic, hope that you too take the time to learn about LP1N1, share with others, and continue Lucas’ legacy.

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