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“Ironistic was the website development company that we turned to when we started our business.  We asked them to create a website that would be professional, modern, easy to navigate, and most importantly for us – totally accessible to visitors with any disability.  Ironistic did an exceptional job throughout the entire process, resulting in a website for our company that we are very proud of.  Even though they weren’t very familiar with our business field and profession, they were very fast learners, grasped our concepts, and put everything we were seeking into our finished website.  Everyone that we worked with at Ironistic was always both professional and personable, and the process was not painful in any way.  They gave us exactly what we were looking for as a new company, and we couldn’t be more pleased.  I highly recommend Ironistic!”

Greg Schmieg

Synergy Consulting Partners


A sum is greater than its parts. That’s just basic math, but it’s also the inspiration behind Synergy Consulting Partners. Synergy Consulting Partners is the product of its founders’ 50-years-combined, professional and executive experience along with their passion for assisting people with disabilities. Their history in all facets of organizational operations, workforce development, vocational rehabilitation, and disabilities defines who they are and what they do today. Offering their resources and services to private, public and government organizations as well as researchers and individuals with disabilities, Synergy provides practical, evidence-based solutions for whatever challenges their client faces, creating inclusive change, singular opportunities, and positive outcomes.

Synergy is also keen on customizing their solutions in order to achieve best practices, ensure desired objectives, and make each organization more effective. Some challenges they tackle are outdated services, financial instability, limited market position, staff issues, partnership development, disability recruitment, education and training, and WIOA compliance. Synergy helps individuals with disabilities learn about and access the services they need, and they help researchers interested in disability-related studies with grant applications, study design, and data interpretation. And that’s just part of their scope.

With all their promise and benefit to the professional community, particularly people with disabilities, it was necessary that Synergy Consulting Partners own a strong online platform that would spotlight their services, leadership, and opportunities. That’s where Ironistic came in. Launched January 2018, Ironistic designed Synergy’s website to reflect their brand and mission and to reach and speak to their target audiences with a goal of maximum impact.

The site is modern and professional in its look and layout, and it’s developed to be both engaging and user-friendly. Visitors are immediately invited to “imagine” how Synergy can help them, with content, graphics, and call-to-actions that promote key services. Other infographics appeal to Synergy’s target audiences, so providers, employers, researchers or individuals with disabilities can easily learn about services specifically tailored for them. Ironistic also added a dynamic WordPress CMS, which allows site admins to easily and efficiently manage all content. Perhaps the most important feature of the new website, however, is its accessibility compliance. Being that assisting organizations and people with disabilities is a hallmark of their brand, Ironistic developed Synergy’s site to meet 508/WCAG 2.0 guidelines. This is something that is becoming more and more important for organizations as new laws are implemented.

Questions about 508/WCAG 2.0 accessibility compliance? Are you in the know and ready to bring your website up to date? Ironistic is ready to help. Contact us today for a smart and effective solution.

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