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SpectrumCareers works with companies and with professionals to provide premier placement and development services, particularly for accounting and technical positions.  SpectrumCareers serves their clients with an IndustryFocused approach while sourcing top talent with their SpecializedSearch recruiting process. This dual methodology provides the client with timely industry intelligence while quickly delivering talent from their network of vetted professionals. The result is a talent infusion that enhances the performance and spirit of your organization. SpectrumCareer’s team has successfully executed for clients seeking professional careers in accounting and technical positions throughout the Northeastern region of the United States.

SpectrumCareers came to us when they decided to redesign their entire website with a more engaging, professional,  emotional and dynamic web presence. The focus was on getting users to key information quickly and easily and to the correct audience. It was very important to reach two core audiences right from the homepage – HR Managers and Talent. Messaging was also two completely different messages.  First, the HR Managers Landing Page ended up ‘speaking’ to companies about how SpectrumCareers can help them find great talent, and the Talent Landing Page ended up ‘speaking’ to candidates about how their next job will be the perfect job for them and how SpectrumCareers can help them achieve this! Ironistic and Verasolve worked collaboratively on the design and development of SpectrumCareers.com.

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