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One of America’s master photographers, Paul Caponigro, once said, “It’s one thing to make a picture of a what a person looks like, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are.” This adage could be said to infuse the work of Sarah Drewry. Sarah Drewry is a lifestyle photographer working in the Northern Virginia, D.C. area, specializing in family, couple, and senior portraits. Her charming photos take advantage of the area’s beautiful outdoor settings from the eastern edge of the Potomac to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Capturing natural light and wonderful, candid moments, her portraits are instant keepsakes for long-lasting memories.

When Sarah Drewry came to Ironistic for help with her website, she was looking for a site that would best represent her and exemplify her work. She’d tried this on her own, but came up short (too many of those DIY sites present too many issues, especially when you’re trying to build something special and genuine). Because of her previous attempts, Sarah not only needed a spectacular site, she needed it on double time. Luckily, that was no problem for Ironistic.

We raced to develop a website for Sarah that would hit all the right notes for both her and her future clients. We created a design that echoes the spirit of Sarah Drewry’s portraits, natural and striking, with dynamic hero images pulled from her portfolio and a fluid layout that easily engages the user. We used the NextGeN Gallery plugin to present her recent work in an appealing format, and Sarah’s own anecdotes about each photo session add interest and personality. One especially stand-out feature is Sarah Drewry’s testimonial page. Rather than just plain, type content, we used portraits from each client’s session in an infographic that reveals their review as you hover over their photo. Eye-catching call-to-actions are also integrated throughout. For evolving features like her portfolio and blog, it was important that Sarah have an easy and efficient content management system, so we implemented a WordPress CMS that gives her all the tools and manageability she needs to keep her site up to date.

Someone once said, “Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.” Portraits of family and loved ones are timeless reminders of what really matters, and that makes choosing a photographer for life’s special moments an important decision. Best to choose one who knows that “the instrument is not the camera, but the photographer,” (Eve Arnold). The same could be said for choosing your site developer. You need one who is interested in you and your mission, someone who is invested in presenting the best portrait of you for your online goals. That, in a snapshot, pretty much exemplifies Ironistic. Ready to make memories? Contact Ironistic today.

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