Route 66 Ventures

As venture capital/private equity firms go, Route 66 Ventures is one of the best in the financial services and financial technology space.  This group of experts rely on their roots as executives and entrepreneurs to work closely with their portfolio companies to grow and to reach their maximum potential with an injection of equality.  They are an aggressive, innovative, and slightly edgy firm that sought to successfully convey their style and approach through their website.

Ironistic happens to love working with aggressive, innovative, and slightly edgy firms (maybe it’s like looking in the mirror?), so this was a perfect client for our website design services.  We worked closely with Route 66 staff as well as their print design firm, Hudson Studio, to create a fantastic online presence for the company – http://route66ventures.com/.

As you browse through the site, you can see that we focused the user’s attention by presenting a long-scroll approach right from the homepage.  This allows Route 66 to effectively guide the messaging on the homepage, and this also presents a highly mobile friendly approach.  In addition, we leveraged HTML5 animations and custom graphics throughout the site.  This level of design polish and presentation truly marries Route 66’s target audiences and website engagement points.  We also created several custom content modules to more effectively present Route 66’s portfolio companies, investment focus, team members and more.  We particularly like the unique approach to the team pages with the hand-drawn caricatures!

Through custom website designs and a strong content management system, Ironistic enabled Route 66 to present a whole new vision of their company online.  Check out the new website here!

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