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It seems almost every week brings a new data breach, new warnings about cyber threats, and companies scrambling to shore up the damage while cyber criminals hack away as easily as 1-2-3. It costs the U.S. economy around 100 billion per year. That makes cybersecurity, ironclad cybersecurity, even more crucial. But who can really promise this? Who can give this assurance as dark actors strive to outpace the industry? Enter Quantum Xchange and the promise of quantum physics.

Quantum Xchange is a revolutionary cybersecurity company marketing proprietary new technology based on the laws of quantum physics. Their Trusted Node network system combined with Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) enables future-proof data security, the ability to send encrypted, unhackable data across thousands of miles. It’s a cutting-edge, dynamic technology infrastructure with invaluable benefit. As companies continue to face risk from hackers and data breaches, Quantum Xchange is poised to deliver a defense that will raise consumer confidence and ensure that business and profits are not critically damaged.

With the current climate of ever-increasing cybersecurity threats, it was important that Quantum Xchange heighten their visibility and build an online platform to engage, market and grow their business. For that, they turned to Ironistic.

First and foremost, Ironistic created a bold, statement design that incorporates Quantum Xchange’s brand and logo in a dynamic way. The home page is neatly arranged and gives site visitors quick snapshots of the company: who they are, how their technology works, recent news, and upcoming events. These also act as convenient gateways to the website’s interior features. Smart architecture and easy navigation is a key component in engaging target audiences and convincing them to go further with you—particularly when you’re selling a super-smart tech solution.

While we made sure the design complemented Quantum Xchange’s cyber technology edge, we also needed to make sure that key info was conveyed in user-friendly fashion. Especially since their tech and product is sophisticated and evolutionary, it was important to make what they do as accessible as it is educational—both in appearance and actual content. We made certain that every feature had visual appeal, presented a unified brand and clear message, and, in total, positioned Quantum Xchange for future success. In addition to cultivating brand awareness, it was also important that Quantum Xchange be given a CMS platform that could easily grow right along with them. For this, we implemented a WordPress content management system, so that administrators could efficiently edit and update the site as needed. Plus, it’s responsive, so visitors can access Quantum Xchange via any device and still get the same quality user experience.

Skillfully melding design, development, and message is a sophisticated system all its own. Understanding each component’s importance and making sure each piece fits together into a total solution takes a scientist’s curiosity, an engineer’s aptitude for how things work, and an artist’s attention-to-detail. Altogether that amounts to online leverage for our clients—and it could for you as well.

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