Population Association of America

The Population Association of America (PAA) is a nonprofit organization that, since the early 20th century, has fostered progress on issues related to human population. Through its research, education, and other scientific endeavors, the PAA supports and promotes the advancement of the human race. Many types of people come to the PAA to contribute and learn, including demographers, sociologists, and public health officials, to name a few. Their efforts are instrumental in exploring, understanding, and finding solutions to human population issues.

PAA’s website is the nucleus for all related research, publicationspolicy issues, and news, making it vital to the organization’s growth. When PPA came to Ironistic, they needed a homepage refresh that executed better design and functionality across the board. Ironistic gave them a clean, modern look with a design that also complimented and highlighted their brand, logo, and color scheme. We incorporated various call-to-action elements, promoted their social media presence, emphasized their most important news features. The new website is visually engaging, user friendly, and easy to navigate. As always, the website is fully responsive, so all of their resources and call-to-action items could be easily accessed from mobile devices. With this fresh start, the Population Association of America is ready for more success and progress in the days to come.

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