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Pinit Furniture is a modern and innovative company that believes in simplicity, creativity and craftsmanship. Pinit began with the bright idea to make custom furniture easily accessible for people anywhere while keeping them connected throughout the entire journey.

Through their seamless online process, customers send in pics of what they’d like, Pinit matches them with a craftsman from their network of builders and designers, and then they get to follow the process, from start to finish, as their unique piece of furniture is made. Pretty neat, huh?

To go along with this modern and creative company, Pinit needed an online platform to reach customers and craftsmen. The site not only needed to tell their story, but it needed to provide the functionality for customers to send in pics and follow their project’s development. That’s where Ironistic stepped in.





Working with MindSpout and Toast and Tiger on design, we built a digital platform that showcased Pinit Furniture’s innovative approach to craftmanship and offered simple, intuitive usability for their visitors.

One major feature is the integration of their Customizable Designs Catalog. While Pinit Furniture clients can submit their own ideas, Pinit also offers a brainstorm selection for users to browse, choose and customize from.

We also focused on presenting content in a clean, easy-on-the-eyes format, ensuring the site was mobile-friendly and that their content management system would allow them to efficiently make any updates to their website.

Simple. Easy. Awesome. That’s basically Pinit and Ironsitic in a nutshell. Contact Ironistic today and see how easy a modern, engaging, success-making site can be.

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