Peer Forward

Peer Forward is a nationwide, research-led program that seeks to improve college enrollment for low-income high school students. By empowering influential, service-oriented peers into becoming leaders and champions of higher education, Peer Forward is raising students’ expectations and outcomes. The fine folks at Peer Forward are addressing the modern and very real issue of the need for higher education to attain career success coupled with the disconnect between low-income students’ collegiate aspirations and their actual pursuit of such goals. Capitalizing on research showing that peers hold the most influence on high school students, Peer Forward recruits and trains rising seniors to motivate, educate and assist their fellow classmates in successfully applying and enrolling in college.

Sounds pretty great, right? We thought so too. That’s why when Peer Forward initially came to Ironistic to increase the functionality of their website and, thus, the effect of their program, we jumped at the chance to partner with them. They needed a site they could better manage in order to strengthen their impact, as well as a site that could better interact with users across all types of devices. Ironistic came in and developed a responsive website that their audience could fully experience on any computer, tablet, or smartphone. We also gave them new blogging tool and a dynamic WordPress content management system that allows them to easily add and edit content, plus manage navigation, formatting, video and images, and SEO controls. With a more user-friendly format, powerful CMS, and modern, responsive design, Peer Forward is poised to be a positive influence on college-ready students for years to come.

In 2018, we launched a new version of Peer Forward’s website as they underwent a rebranding effort (they were formerly known as College Summit). We made tweaks to their website to announce their new name, as well as empowered the team to make website updates on their own as needed. The site launched just in time for the Peer Forward team to ring the Nasdaq Opening Bell! Watch a video of the announcement here.

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