Nova UA Federal Credit Union, formerly Self Reliance (NJ) Federal Credit Union, is a nonprofit Federal Credit Union founded by members of Self Reliance (Passaic, NJ) Association of Ukrainian Americans in 1960 with the goal of helping the Ukranian community with their financial needs. To correspond with their rebranding from Self Reliance, Nova UA was looking to update their online presence with a complete website redesign. The main goals of the new website were to enhance usability for current members and act as a platform for showcasing their outstanding member services and great deposit and loan rates to attract new members. The website also functions as a way for Nova UA to stay connected with their community.

The new site was a custom build which allowed us to tailor the look and feel of the site as well as arrange the large volume of content associated with Credit Unions in an intuitive and easy to follow format. The open, banded design on the homepage made the site more modern and clean than their previous one. The addition of the online banking login and ATM finder in the hero along with the three call-to-action sections under the hero help optimize the homepage for conversions of these key elements. Multiple marketing sections were built into the homepage (hero banners, app download, etc.) as well as in the sidebars of the internal pages.

Making the site optimized for mobile was another important undertaking. As more and more Credit Union users are accessing website from their mobile devices, making sure all pages are easily accessible and usable is important. The new site uses large call-to-action buttons to allow for users to click on links easily, stacks page content to make scrolling through content easier, and features a mobile navigation menu that is accessible on all pages. Nova UA staff are easily able to update navigation and site content, keep rates up-to-date, and receive and manage submissions from the contact form through the backend WordPress Content Management System.

The updated branding and marketing messages for the website were developed by our partners at Membership Marketing Support Services. The updated content, redone navigation, and mobile optimization make it much easier for users to find the information they are looking for no matter what device they are using.

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