NewConnect is the Mid-Atlantic region’s premier fixed wireless provider. What is fixed wireless? Just the latest and greatest in ISP technology. Rather than relying on underground cables or satellite technology that must travel through layers of atmosphere, fixed wireless relies on a microwave connection between two fixed points. Rain, sleet, snow, storms? Not a problem. Even during Hurricane Sandy, NewConnect’s clients received reliable service. That’s why NewConnect has fast become the go-to choice of many area businesses when it comes to selecting an ISP provider. Fixed wireless is the future. And it’s here now.

For such a technology provider, it was important that NewConnect have a website that not only accurately represented their brand, but that also aligned with the cutting-edge features of their product. It’s hard to sell someone on a quality product if your website isn’t reflective of that quality. NewConnect’s old site, however, was out-of-date. It was confusing, hard to navigate, and just not user-friendly.

Ironistic stepped in and created a new, modern site on a WordPress platform. We reorganized their site, framing their products and services in a way that makes sense for the consumer, and the WordPress CMS implementation makes it easy for NewConnect to manage and update content as needed. In addition, we integrated an event calendar, which allows them to easily see who has registered for their events. We also made their branding and messaging consistent throughout, even extending this service to print materials. With their new Ironistic site, NewConnect’s potential customers can easily get a clear sense of who they are, what they do, and what they offer. Really, it’s just that simple. Because when you’re a modern technology provider, you’d better have a site that’s just as modern, functional and reliable as the service you’re selling.

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