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Mission Health, based in Asheville, North Carolina, is the state’s sixth-largest health system and has been named one of the nation’s Top 15 Health Systems by IBM Watson Health for six of the past seven years (2012-2018). They’ve also been rated #1 by Business North Carolina.

Since 1885, Mission Health has been providing quality healthcare to western North Carolina. Recently, in order to continue their legacy of service to their community, Mission Health entered into a letter of intent  to be acquired by HCA Healthcare. Like Mission Health, HCA Healthcare has a long history of investing in the communities they serve, and this proposed partnership will preserve and expand care and help secure the future of the region’s health system. In order to inform and engage the community about this exciting transition, Mission Health wanted to create a website dedicated to keeping their patients, team members and communities informed and provide a way for the community to ask questions and share opinions and suggestions. HudsonLake, a partner and client of Ironistic, worked with Mission Health as it strategic communications adviser during the initial transaction announcement. We, then, were happy to team up with both organizations and create a website for Mission Health Forward.

The goal of the site was that it function, essentially, as a public relations platform. The other goal: get it done ASAP. Timing was everything – but so was quality, brand awareness, and functionality. With that in mind, Ironistic created a modern, user-friendly site that complemented Mission Health’s branding and incorporated their logo and colors.

For a site heavy on content, it was essential that it be developed in an engaging, visually-appealing way. We structured all the relevant information in a design-conscious format, using call-to-actions, infographics and drill-down features. This, plus the seamless site architecture, enables Mission Health’s objectives of presenting key details and answering frequently-asked questions, and it does this without overwhelming the user, making it easy for the community to learn about this exciting opportunity and its benefits.

Getting your message across takes more than well-articulated content. It takes consumer-conscious design and smart functionality. When you want to ensure that your online platform is effective, you want a professional with knowledge, relevant experience, and creativity. Hey, that sounds a lot like Ironistic! Contact us today.

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