Merril Hirsh

There are many positive things you could say about Merrill Hirsh, PLLC. From his education at Harvard Law to his work with the Department of Justice and as lead counsel for the US Department of Education in a Kansas City school desegregation case to the millions of dollars in settlements he’s won—his resume is packed full of impressive experience. What may speak even louder for his merit, however, is his simple philosophy of working with all involved parties “so that all sides act reasonably and neither succeeds by being unreasonable.” Although lawyers act as “champions” for their clients, Merrill Hirsh does not believe in winning through unethical, unfair, or unreasonable means. And perhaps it speaks even more to his prowess that he succeeds without resorting to such measures. Clients and peers tout his aptitude, his thoughtful insight, work ethic, and creativity. And he strongly believes that a professional advocate is not defined simply by their skill, but by their trustworthiness as well.

Recently, Merrill Hirsch opened his own practice with two distinct businesses, HirshADR PLLC and the Law Office of Merrill Hirsh PLLC. This is when he approached Ironistic for a website. Although his ADR business was technically separate from his work as a litigator and counselor, he wanted one, single website to represent both and to showcase how his experience in both arenas serves his success in total. This made the design and site architecture very important to get just right.

We solved this by creating an even-split format with Merrill Hirsh as the unifying factor. The design is sharp and professional with a modern layout. Seamless, integrated navigation and efficient call-to-actions make the site user-friendly and effective at relaying key content, and this content promotes his history, his mastery of the law and experience in both fields, as well as presentations and news. We also implemented a dynamic WordPress content management system for easy edits and updates, and we made the site responsive so visitors can access it via any device.

Just as we did for Merrill Hirsh, Ironistic is adept at connecting with our clients, understanding their business, their goals, their brand, and then translating this into a singular online presence that best represents them, raises awareness, and attracts target audiences. If that sounds good to you, connect with Ironistic today.

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