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LookingGlass is the world leader in cyber threat intelligence management, and their website serves as a primary marketing outlet and communication tool for the company. The website is the constant public “face” for the company and provides users with information about LookingGlass products, news, insights, careers, and more.

After the integration of CloudShield into the company, LookingGlass decided they needed an updated website and came to Ironistic for help.  The company wanted to develop a site that would visually elevate the company and be more robust in its functionality and security from threats to the network. Their current platform had proved unwieldy and too inflexible for the site to continue to evolve.

Ironistic created a custom design that easily guides the user through meeting the company, explaining the solutions/products, and encouraging engagement.  It is also a cross-platform, responsive design that allows users to fully experience the website across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. The new LookingGlass website – lgscout.com – was built with a long-scroll approach that focuses the user’s attention on one key message or product at a time rather than bombarding them with competing CTAs. This approach allows LookingGlass to better control the user flow and better engage them throughout. The WordPress Content Management System offers staff easy management and updates of content throughout the website, including documents, images, links, and more.

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