LeGuard® is THE ANSWER to controlling runaway legal fees. LeGuard® is a software application accessible to clients, law firms, and authorized billers via desktops or mobile devices, that enables real time tracking of legal fees as they accrue. With LeGuard®, clients and law firms have the power to remove the confusion and headaches of trying to track legal fees, which can save clients money, minimize law firm write-offs, and enhance communication between clients and outside counsel. LeGuard was seeking to create a ‘The Future is now Here,’ cutting edge, professional, and user-friendly website to replace their old website. It needed to be a streamlined layout with easy navigation, focusing on getting users to key information quickly and easily. Ironistic worked and collaborated with Boyle Public Affairs throughout the project.

LeGuard’s revolutionary method to manage legal spend was the key focus in developing and designing the new website. We captured the process in an animated GIF, showing lawyers being tracked in Real-Time. Ironistic, LeGuard, and Boyle Public affairs worked together to integrate the Software and WordPress site to work together seamlessly.

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